Baby Steps my A**

I’ve given up referring to “baby steps” as something “small”. Picture this: A toddler-in-training, pulling herself up on the legs of a coffee table. Phew. Wow, that was hard. Taking a step while holding on. Venturing to let one hand go. Teetering, grabbing with the second hand again, letting go and PLOP! Right on the bottom. There’s a reason why babes aren’t potty trained earlier, they need the diaper padding…

Back to the steps. Baby finally takes those first two independent steps! In her glee she squeals in delight and throws her arms up in the starfish stance! PLOP! But she is so delighted and well padded that she pulls herself up and tries again. These are certainly baby steps, they are made by a baby, but look how hard she is working! The concentration, the strength, the courage and fortitude to try and try again! PLOP!

This past Sunday I took a baby step walk up a small mountain in the Adirondacks. Small compared to the mountains I have hiked in the not-too-distant past. After 9 months of lying on the couch, not so much my choice but forced by treatment-induced illness, I’ve had to start over. I have a memory of what it was like to be fit and strong, I know it in my mind and my body has a cellular memory of those past hikes. It’s been very hard work the last 7 months to get strong enough to reach the top of even this small mountain. Like the baby girl I picture, I was excited, curious, delighted and exuberant when I reached the top, not even thinking about needing to get back down [if you’re a hiker you know this can sometimes be harder].

So the next time someone tells you to “just take baby steps” remember the teetering, tottering baby and how hard she works to accomplish those first steps. Though your well-meaning friend, coach or consultant may think it’s a small task, YOU know different. Your baby steps take commitment, courage, strength and fortitude. YOU rock and will probably do a little rocking, teetering and tottering in the process. Be proud! Show off your success and throw your hands up in the starfish stance!


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4 Responses to Baby Steps my A**

  1. Win McIntyre says:


    On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 2:24 PM, Cate LaBarre

  2. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an important message!!! Thanks, Cate, and my prayers are with you.


  3. CoachBarbie says:

    You’re so good at bringing new perspectives to things we think we already understand. Thanks so much for this!

  4. It’s so true, baby steps are NOT small … they are HUGE! I’ve been meaning to tell you that you looked really good Monday night. And if you would like someone to join you up those “small mountains”, call me. Hugs.

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