About Cate

Cate supports creative women who are seeking to reach increasingly higher levels of inspiration, fulfillment, and joy. She guides them to experience self-care in a unique way, recognizing that the outer “doing” of life is a direct reflection of our inner “being”; that our actions reflect our thoughts and beliefs.  She knows that when we love and honor ourselves at the deepest level, we easily express our authentic nature, resulting in better relationships and health.  Marlene Kelly, Asst. Director of Online Learning at Omega Institute says:  “Cate’s clear insight, compassion and grounded approach created a safe environment for me to face my fears, love and accept myself for all that I am and move in the direction of my dreams.”

CateToshiba Digital Camera has been a practitioner of alternative healing modalities since the early 1980s. As a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, she has worked closely with many individuals on their personal healing journeys. As a divorced, single mom, she was the primary caregiver to both of her parents who suffered from terminal illness. Through observation of others and her own healing process, she noticed that healing cannot occur if only the physical is addressed. She discovered that healing is an emotional and spiritual process as well. This led her to train with Debbie Ford, The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching, JFK University.

As a result of her training and inner work, Cate has healed her relationship with herself, resulting in extraordinarily good health, despite chronic illness. She is happily married and has a close relationship with her adult son.

With the emotional education and structure Integrative Coaching offers and the support Cate provides, her clients gain the tools they need to journey back to their birthright of unconditional love and self-acceptance. Her clients often discover a sense of inner peace that they have not known as adults. She continues to be a humble witness of healing and transformation as her clients create lives they never could have imagined before engaging in a coaching relationship.

In addition to individual coaching, Cate loves to leads workshops and classes in person in the Saratoga/Adirondack, NY region, as well as by teleconference worldwide.

5 Responses to About Cate

  1. opal says:

    How can I contact you by phone.

  2. Deborah Schmitt says:

    Hi Cate, Thank you for a wonderful, supportive, enlightening, spiritual and loving weekend. When I got home, I discovered that I had this webpage open. I don’t recall opening it, so It was a nice surprise! Hope you had a safe trip home, and I also hope we can have you back again.

    • It was wonderful Deborah! I’m totally in awe of the experience. I’ll be sending an email to everyone later this week. Thank you for your participation and your loving acknowledgment of our amazing weekend together.

  3. Bonnie Lundrigan says:

    Love your blog Cate. I also am so blessed as I feel listened to so lovingly in our sessions together. xo and blessings Bonnie Lundrigan

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