The Arugula Diet

I awakened in a crabby mood this morning. No particular reason. I espouse daily gratitude, but sometimes I’m just NOT grateful. I’ve learned that if I go with the flow and ‘bitch’ for a little while, I’ll come out the other side to find my sweet-angel-self more quickly. What topped my crabby mood this morning was reading Huffington Post [which I love] about another DIET book, claiming, as all recent diet books do, to be a lifestyle change.  Well, DUH! It’s written by Bob Harper, whose claim to fame is the reality show Biggest Loser. He says he has the key to ‘skinny’. Well, I don’t know anything about Bob and I’ve only seen part of the show once. What I do know is that for years I was a sucker for diet books. Were I still, I’d be rushing off for The Skinny Rules which grew out of the show and his tweeting — ‘eat what I tweet’.

Back to being crabby, part of my foul mood this morning was because my body hurts from exercise and I was on my way to the Y for MORE! I’ve had to reinvent my exercise regime, having come off of 8 months of forced couch potato enslavement. During that time my muscles turned to jello and I could barely lift a grocery bag.  Because food tasted hideous while ON the couch for 8 months, I was blessed to not gain an ounce. But once OFF the couch and searching the frig and pantry for yummy things, I gained 5 pounds in a heartbeat. What’s a woman to do? Eat what some skinny guy tweets? I think not!  I’m going to eat ARUGULA!  It is by far my favorite vegetable.  Available at MY farmer’s market year round, I missed it terribly for eight months when raw or sparsely cooked veggies just wouldn’t sit.

How does this sound? An arugula white egg omelet for breakfast with a slice of sprouted grain bread and a sliver of mango. Lunch: A generous pile of arugula topped with organic, free-range chicken breast and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and a garnish of orange. Dinner: Wilted arugula with wild salmon, half a cup of brown rice and….

Oh no!  Yesterday I read that SUGAR is as poisonous to your liver as ALCOHOL!  Nix the fruit.  Too high in fructose, the liver destroyer.

Sigh. What’s a woman to do? One option is to dig a hole, jump in, and send the food I WOULD have eaten to a truly hungry family of six.

Better yet, I’ll take brisk walks, dance til the sweat pours off me, do gentle Yoga, eat my arugula, and enjoy the heck out of the organic, fair trade coffee we purchase that I understand increases my brain power and athletic performance, all the while sapping the calcium right out of my bones.

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3 Responses to The Arugula Diet

  1. Win says:

    I love it! I’m going to order an arugula pizza.

  2. Kris says:

    Dearest Crabby,
    God invented arugula. Eats it every day. Lives well, and long. 🙂

  3. laurie says:

    Sounds wonderful to me!

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