Renewed Purpose

20161115_081830Sometimes I am amazed at how NOT in the moment I can be. For the last 18 months I’ve been waiting for the increasingly divisive and derisive campaign to be OVER, as though THAT was going to save me and end my frustration. My candidate lost. Though I know in my heart that even if she had won, it would not have changed the mood in our divided electorate and nation and that I would still be frustrated.

On top of all the anxiety and frustration, I’ve experienced a deep sense of grief and loss. Not just for what I hoped would occur for our nation, but for my own loss of purpose, wasted time and energy. I’ve been feeling lost in the woods of my own creation, unable to find my path.What a perfect waste of my precious life force to lose connection with my reason for being.

I remind myself that the world is my mirror. Everything I experience is a reflection of something in me.What I see that upsets me deeply is something in me that needs healing. It’s taking courage to look in the mirror, to be brave enough to see all my imperfections, flaws and outright ugliness. It takes equal courage to see my strength and gifts. I’m ready to be brave and rumble with all the emotions that are “up” for me. There is no logical “end” to this blog post, because life is always changing, there are many paths ahead and I’m not in control of most of them. But I can choose who I’m “being” as I navigate what’s next. I can choose from a place of alignment with my core values of kindness and authenticity.

Perhaps that is my sole purpose, to stay in alignment with my core values; to notice what breaks my heart and do something about it; to remember that we are wired for connection and born worthy of love. The simple act of stopping, as others hurry by, to see if the man sitting on the curb needs help, does make a difference in our collective “being”. In my coaching practice, helping others find and heal their “lost” connections, does make a difference in our collective “being”. Noticing when my hatefulness bubbles up and recognizing that my anger can be turned to advocacy, does make a difference in our collective “being”.


There are times when the pain I see in the world hurts so much I simply want to hide, numb, and withdraw. These are also the times when it’s hardest for me to remember to practice self-compassion. When I can love myself through the pain, find solace in a cup of tea, a lap cat or a walk in the woods, my energy and purpose are restored.

I remind myself to stay engaged and not give up — to connect through small acts of kindness and to join with others in large acts of advocacy. The finest impact I can make on the collective “being” is to remember that it all starts with me, with who I’m “being” in the world.



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8 Responses to Renewed Purpose

  1. CoachBarbie says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey so very authentically. I am sure there are others are experiencing similar struggles. I know I am. And your take on things is helping me see my issues a little more clearly. Bless you for reaching out … to the man on the curb … and to me!

    • Thanks Barbie. This blog has been sitting for weeks and, as I said, there really is no end. Well, until my last breath. I am doing my best to focus on who I’m being, how I’m showing up for myself and others. My challenge is believing in my head that love and kindness is “enough”, even when my heart knows it is.

  2. Kris says:

    Thank you for so beautifully expressing
    your way through these abrasive times.
    Thank you for shining the Light you ARE!

  3. Thank you Kris, from one bright light to another. xoxo

  4. Lovely post Cate. There is a lot of value in small acts of kindness

  5. I am right there with you Cate!! And from my FB feed I can tell you there are many others feeling this way too. I think the best thing we can do is exactly what you mention; to help others and do small random acts of kindness and just be kind to others. I’m doing that even on the phone with customer service reps., using humor and kindness because it really will go around. I think, hey, maybe this person is having a great day, maybe they’re having an awful day, heck maybe I’m having an extra awful day. But if I smile and appreciate them in person or by phone, online etc., then I may uplift them as well. 🙂 Thanks for such an honest post!

    • Thank you for your response Michelle. OUR SMALL ACTS DO MATTER. So carry on sister — with humor, kindness and whatever else you can throw in the soup that will light up our fellow humans on this incredible journey of life. So blessed.

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