Marketing Box [Trap]

Marketing Box, OllieThose of you who receive my Constant Contact newsletter know that I recently UNsubscribed to a bunch of newsletters and invited my readers to do the same. As “simple” as I believe my life to be, now that my son is grown and nearly launched into adulthood, care-giving for my parents long over, a move to a new home half the size of our old farmhouse, a career, exercise regimen and community that I enjoy, I “simply” don’t have time to read everything that lands in my in box! AND I’m the one who put them there. I still do it. I sign up for free calls for the amazing marketers who “guarantee” a six figure salary within three months if you just purchase their program and put in place their marketing plan. The pressure is overwhelming. Part of me DOES want to BE THAT. However a bigger part of me says NO WAY! I’m not making the marketing strategies of others WRONG, believe me, I know it works for them. I’m just not making it RIGHT for me. I am breaking OUT of the box [trap] of making myself WRONG for NOT using their methods. Why? Because the motivation to sign up almost every single time is birthed out of fear, followed by the feeling that I AM IN A BOX [trap].

I need to be me. All I want to use Facebook for is to post silly pictures of my cat, flowers, me, my friends, and stay in touch with my friends. I am incredibly rude and mostly don’t respond to event invites on FB because I am overwhelmed with them. I have a Facebook fan page that I’ve never launched because it feels fake to me. It’s not that I created a page that doesn’t represent me as a coach, it does. However, after creating it and procrastinating the launch I finally realized I don’t want to market through Facebook. End of story.

When I REALLY look at my coaching practice, workshops and teleclasses, I am thrilled, provided I don’t fall into the BOX [trap] of comparing myself to others. When I REALLY look with loving eyes, I see clearly that the universe provides me with exactly what I need, even if it doesn’t always look like what I THINK I need. When I say I WANT and NEED more, I have to ask myself if that’s really true. It is only true when I compare myself to others and hear the marketing goodies of those amazing people who have turned their businesses into huge moneymakers mostly by marketing to ME when I fear I must be doing something WRONG.

Breaking out of the BOX [trap] is an ongoing task. Just this morning I signed up for two free marketing calls that are geared to give me just what I need to sign up for more. I signed up out of FEAR that I would miss something, fear that I’m not doing things right, fear that someone else will get the edge, fear I’ll be left behind.

As I sit with whether I will be on these calls that will force me back into the BOX [trap] of another’s design, I will continue to “market” myself in a way that is in integrity with who I am and the clients I most want to attract to my practice. No right, no wrong, just ME.

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2 Responses to Marketing Box [Trap]

  1. Toni Miles Vitale says:

    I think what you are doing is great Cate, stay true to yourself.

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