Finding the Gift

locust tree picI’ve injured my left heel. Just too much of something and it haunts me every time I do that something or sometimes something else. This morning my nurse practitioner confirmed it, “Yup, you injured your heel, maybe this, maybe that.” Bottom line, she advised that I lay off long walks and dance class for a couple weeks. Did she say A COUPLE WEEKS?!?!?!?!? Okay, maybe I didn’t hear that right. I’m already planning on going to dance class in a little while, my FAVORITE class, maybe I could just ice it at night. Yeah, I’m already icing. SIGH. Acceptance comes slowwwlyyyyy sometimes.

My heel was healing from five days of rest, but I went WAY overboard yesterday as I got back to my regular routine. So this morning I skipped whatever and wandered around our beautiful property. I took this picture of the sky through a blooming locust tree. I pruned out the dead wood of our blueberry patch. I was still. Three gifts right there.

Clearly, I’m being lead to walk my talk. I’ve been TALKING about finding a Pilates class I really love, having left THE VERY BEST [hear that Melissa?] when I moved four years ago. I’ve been TALKING about getting back to some of the Yoga classes that I adore. NOW I will pursue both of these and plan on following through until I find what suits me. I replaced my dance sneakers a month ago, BEFORE I injured my heel. I just ordered new walking/cross trainers. Mine were so OLD they were WHITE! [Do they even MAKE white ones anymore? I’m so embarrassed.]

June will be a month of exploration, experimentation, heel rest and a NEW VISION for my health and my work. This is precisely the kind of “opportunity” that I help my clients navigate. My turn, again.  Though I’m not thrilled about it, I am excited.   I feel as though this shake up of my routine is exactly what I need to step into a new expression of the ME that I already am.

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2 Responses to Finding the Gift

  1. Win McIntyre says:

    As usual, very real and well-written.

  2. Barbie Dallmann says:

    Thanks for the reminder about the gifts of acceptance. There’s really quite a big distance from resignation and embracing what is. A lesson I must learn on a regular basis. Barbie

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