Never Too Late (until it is)

I have the great blessing of diverse circles of “girlfriends” in my life. Old friends, new friends, friends of shared interests, friends to share laughter and tears.

Recently a new friends “pod” has formed from different circles. We get together once a month to talk about the state of the world and how we might “make a difference”. We share articles of interest on a private Facebook page to stay informed.

Last night a few from this group gathered and we talked about the importance of continuing to move forward. We shared the feelings sadness and frustration from the increasing negativity of our politics and our world, as well as our feelings of powerlessness. Our conversation led to the League of Women Voters*. Founded in 1920, it is officially non-partisan, but does support progressive policies, including women’s rights, campaign reform, climate change and universal health care.

I’ve decided to attend Saratoga County League of Women’s Voters next open meeting and plan to join.

As I sat in bed this morning with a cup of coffee slowly stirring me to wakefulness, I reflected on the privilege of voting and how I have voted since turning 18 and have wanted to join the League of Women Voters since I was in my 30s. Each time vote, I picture myself as “the young one” on the floor assisting voters as needed, as “the mature ones” handle the ledgers and sign-in. With this reflection in mind, me, in my 30s, a member of the League of Women Voters, I laughed as I realized that I won’t be “the young one” on the floor, I’ll be “the mature one” wherever I’m needed.

How quickly time passes and dreams forgotten. And remembered. Now is the time.

It’s never too late. Make a difference. Think globally, start locally. Your voice matters.

*Thank you Linda, Kathy and Phyllis.



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1 Response to Never Too Late (until it is)

  1. Kris says:

    Thank you, Catie! A superb reminder and encouragement for me during these interesting Wake Up!! times.

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