Tomorrow’s Secret

Our coaching community meets by teleconference twice a month. It’s a great way to stay connected to our colleagues and friends, since we are scattered all over the world. A group of volunteers from our community organize and take turns facilitating the calls. Last month, Martyn was on the call early to greet coaches as we chimed in from England, Denmark, New Zealand, South Africa, Nova Scotia, Sweden, Vancouver, Taiwan, NY, California, Florida, and points in between.  PHEW!

Martyn lives in Australia. I love talking to him on Thursday afternoon from NY, because it is already Friday morning “down under”. As Martyn is having his first cup of coffee sweating into his wallabies, setting his clock for daylight savings time, I am snuggled in my polar fleece complaining about an early freak snowstorm! I smile as I think about Martyn beginning MY tomorrow as I complete HIS yesterday.

An early arriver on the call from Canada, playfully asked Martyn to tell us about HIS today, OUR tomorrow: “What can we expect tomorrow, Martyn?” In an equally playful voice Martyn responded: “Ooooooo, I can’t tell you that. It’s a secret. You must discover it for yourself.”

What if we began every day like a young child anticipating a birthday, filled with surprise, celebration, excitement?  What would our days be like if we awakened every morning knowing that there is a secret waiting to be revealed in any moment? What would our lives be like if we realized that each day contains a gift beyond anything we can imagine?

Thank you, Karen and Martyn, for this playful exchange that has inspired me to face each day with the curiosity of a child.

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  1. Win says:

    Great perspective. Thank you, Cate.

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