Me and Einstein

As I drew my bathwater at 3 AM because I couldn’t sleep, I wondered if Albert Einstein ever had insomnia because he had forgotten to take a shower the previous day.

Why compare myself to Einstein? Yesterday I experienced a flat out, over the top, productive day when I felt so focused on my “doing-ness” that I forgot all about my “being-ness” (part of which I experience as my personal hygiene and self care).  This kind of day is rare for me. Mostly I reel myself in from being scattered, which has its own challenges.  On my scattered days, I am pulled here and there and never seem to accomplish anything EXCEPT my morning shower!

My dad said he used to see Dr. Einstein on the campus of Princeton and even took in a lecture or two (in which he was completely lost). Dad said Einstein would walk through campus with his head down and arms behind his back, intense, purposeful.  How amazing to be so focused.  I imagine he found himself on the other side of campus sometimes, totally missing the building where his class was scheduled.  Or forgetting his briefcase.  Certainly forgetting to bathe.  He must have had a housekeeper, who made sure he remembered to eat (not one of MY problems), made sure he had clean clothes and a clean house.  I imagine he had to be gently reminded to bathe and get a haircut (from photos, the haircut was unimportant and a rare occurrence).

I had an Einstein day.  And I am glad they are rare.  I’d much rather have to refocus myself to the task at hand from the vagaries of life (bordering on chaos at times) than get so focused that I forget I’m in my body and my body is crying for care.  Ideally, a balance of the two. Now that is a vision worth exploring.

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1 Response to Me and Einstein

  1. Mr. Barbie Dallmann (aka Dannie, but you can call me "Slim") says:

    Your dad saw Albert Einstein (probably my all-time favorite person of note…Al, not your dad…alas, I never had the pleasure of knowing your pater familias…or Al, of course, for that matter) and he attended a couple of his lectures?!! AND YOU were at Woodstock?!! DANG, Great Cate, your life is like a WAY COOL MOVIE!!! FRIJOLES CHULAS!!! And, just so ya know…I have at least a hundred reasons, besides having an “Einstein day” to avoid daily laving!!!

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