Careful what you say…

My husband and I planned to visit friends who have a “camp” on 3rd Lake, Old Forge, in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY. Our friends are very active outdoors women and can paddle us underwater, doing many mile canoe races, with a 90-miler coming up in September. We knew we’d be on the water a bit, but they also suggested we bring our bikes, to which I responded, “No, I plan on being lazy all weekend.” Our friends know I’m fit, my husband is super fit, and they took this comment in stride knowing they’d likely tempt me with some physical challenge once there.

The universe was certainly listening to my intention for a lazy weekend.  Not enough that the mid-week forecast turned from sunny, warm days to a later forecast of a Summer Nor’easter coming up the coast, I had to guarantee LAZY! I decided that my bathtub wasn’t clean enough for me to leave for the weekend, so I got down on my hands and knees to scrub it and wrenched my back!  I really don’t know how I did it, it was such a simple reach, but I did it and that clean tub guaranteed a lazy weekend.

I took it in stride, being “a good sport”, knowing full well that I had set myself up.  While my husband and friends went off to 8th Lake to pick up a beautiful, new, featherweight solo racing canoe, I sat in a hammock chair on the porch with ice pack, novel and glass(es) of red wine (medicinal).  It was lovely to be alone in this peaceful setting knowing that on some level I had gotten exactly what I had asked for.

We had a fun visit despite the rain and my decrepitude, with a visit to the Adirondack Arts Center  for their annual watercolor exhibit, which never would have happened had the weather been better.  I’d have just spent more time alone on the porch!

The universe is listening.  I will be mindful about what I say and beware of what I ask for, knowing my intention wallops quite a punch!

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  1. CoachBarbie says:

    You are oh, so right, Cate! While having dinner with friends Friday, one woman commented, “I just need some time in intensive care.” I commented that she should probably be more careful about what she “puts out there.” I hope I did her a favor by naming my upcoming women’s retreat (that she’ll be attending): “Intensive Care.”

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