Spring into Self-Care Weekend Retreat

Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center, 20 Still Point Road, Mechanicville, NY 12118

Friday, March 31, 5 PM to Sunday, April 2, 2 PM

Feeling like you could use guidance, support and companionship on your self-care journey? Join us at this peaceful retreat center as we as we nurture body, mind and spirit. Detox and rewrite your self-care story [using exercises from The Daring Way™ based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown] and break the patterns that keep you from feeling your very best. Enjoy simple, nourishing meals with optional cooking classes offered. Other options included in your stay:  biomat, aromatherapy, meditation, restorative yoga, creative exercises and journal writing. Also outdoor exploration, weather permitting.

Limited to 8 guests, overnight stay in private and semi-private cabin or main building private room, activities, meals and materials included.

$375 registration deadline March 15

$350 Early bird special by March 1

To Register: Email catelabarre@gmail.com Or text/call 607-287-0658

More about retreat center: http://www.stillpointretreatcenter.com/

More about your facilitators:

Cate and Janet have been collaborating and co-facilitating workshops and retreats for 10 years in Vermont, Pennsylvania and New York. They delight in sharing their ongoing training and gifts with participants. Combined, they have more than 50 years of training and experience as wellness professionals.

Janet Dunn, retreat co-facilitator, is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, as well as a life coach [certified by Martha Beck.] Janet studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2008-09, and had the opportunity to study with international chefs, including Thai, Spanish, Mexican, South American, Indian and North American food and cooking.  Janet has been teaching  the hows and whys of healthy cooking for over 10 years. Her education through the Institute inspired her to take what she has learned from these cuisines and make them healthier, more nutritious, and delicious. She is a professional story teller and has been a student of yoga for over 40 years. She has found that yoga has helped guide her through her life journey. Her unique style of teaching yoga comes through the weaving of story, affirmations, meditation, asanas, and the importance of self-acceptance. In addition, Janet is an ordained Minister of Universal Brotherhood and certified by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute as a Wedding and Other Ceremonies Officiant.  She is co-author of The Energy of Healing, edited by Erica Glessing, published May 2015. Tao of Delicious Health http://www.taoofdelicioushealth.com/ http://www.weddingsbyjanetdunn.com http://www.funeralsbyjanetdunn.com Email: TaoofHealthJLD@hotmail.com Phone: 570-242-7232.

Cate LaBarre, retreat co-facilitator, is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator [licensed to offer the curriculum based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown] and a Certified Master Integrative Coach Professional [trained by Debbie Ford and The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching at JFK University]. She is also a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reiki Master. On her personal healing journey she discovered the need to explore all aspects of her health — body, mind and spirit. She brings this integration of healing the whole self to her private clients and groups. Along with Janet and others, she co-authored of The Energy of Healing, published May 2015. When not offering retreats or workshops, weekends find Cate exploring the outdoors at home or in the nearby Adirondack Mountains with her husband, where they enjoy hiking, paddling and snowshoeing. https://catelabarrecoach.com/  Email: catelabarre@gmail.com Phone: 607-287-0658.


Spring into Self-Care weekend is an opportunity for you to unplug, refresh, restore and rewrite your self-care story. Our intention is that our focus on mindful practices will enable us to achieve and maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance, as well as provide a source of inspiration that will fuel us in our daily lives. Please read entirely and contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Our weekend includes: healthy, simply prepared meals; gentle and restorative yoga; creative exercises from The Daring Way™ to own and rewrite your self-care story; healing and recommitment ceremony.

Other options include: walks in nature, rest and journal writing, aromatherapy, Reiki, healthy cooking class, biomat [see www.biomat.com] and our portable “sauna”.

Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center is a secluded property that features woods, meadow, pond and labyrinth. There are four cabins. Three are private and one is two bedrooms, one bath/shower. All cabins include heat, a small frig, microwave, bathroom/shower and writing desk. The main building where we will gather has three bedrooms, all on ground level, as well as bathroom/shower and kitchen where our meals will be prepared.

To receive the greatest benefit from your weekend, we strongly encourage our participants to begin their mindfulness practice on March 15 or sooner, with the following:

Reduce slowly over the two weeks prior our retreat and eliminate entirely if possible:

Any foods and substances that you consider overly stimulating, addictive and/or numbing for you.

Reduce to eliminate:  caffeine, processed and refined foods (foods containing sugar, white flour, white rice, artificial ingredients and sweeteners), alcohol, etc.

Reduce: activities and behaviors that take you out of the moment or that you know are addictive or numbing for you, i.e., excessive time spent on:  social media, video games, exercise, television, news, gossip, etc.

Increase: Water, freshly prepared foods, quiet time, baths, time with loved ones, bodywork and/or any activities that you know nurture you.

Notice your inner dialogue as slowly make these adjustments, no wrong-making. Just notice what’s up for you. Journal about your experience if you wish.  Please treat yourself as you would a beloved friend.  Practice self-compassion. If you want to learn more about the importance of self-compassion or to take the self-compassion test, go to: http://self-compassion.org/test-how-self-compassionate-you-are/