“I’m Worth It!” Women’s Weekend Retreat Sept 25-27, 2015

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“I’m Worth It!” Women’s Weekend Retreat, Wiawaka Center for Women, Lake George, New York, September 25-27, 2015, 3 PM Friday – 2 PM Sunday

To contact me email catelabarre@gmail.com or use form at bottom of page

How often do you give yourself permission to declare “I’m Worth It!”?
Give yourself permission right now to know in your heart that you truly are “worth it” by joining us for this nourishing and restorative autumn weekend retreat. Your weekend package includes a private or shared room and six nourishing and delicious mFuller 2eals. Optional classes include: opening and closing circles, healthy cooking class, Tai Chi, yoga, storytelling, sing-along, shamanic journey, 3rd chakra exploration, creative expression and more. We’ll share nourishing meals, laughter and fun, as we renew and refresh on Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains. The property includes cozy nooks and porches, a beautiful lake front and hiking trails for your enjoyment. Join us. You’re worth it!

Extras include: Chair massage, house of trixmassage, Reiki, Reflexology and Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy by appointment.

As with all our retreats, we offer a supportive, educational and nurturing environment. We are a highly educated, motivated and experienced staff with a combined century of experience.

Co-facilitators of this retreat are Cate LaBarre and Janet Dunn-Davenport. Sharing their gifts and talents for workshops, classes and services are: Katrina Clay, Wendy Wood Ordway, Linda Thompson, Eileen Egan Mack, Nini Gridley and Lindsay Harvey.

This weekend, including meals and optional classes is:

$450 single occupancy

$425 shared room

Register for shared room with a friend $400 each

Early Bird special by July 15th paid in full — save $25 any option

  One full scholarship is available for weekend  [email Cate for details]

All bodywork/individual services are additional – price range from $20 to $90

If you want to know more about us, read on:

meCate LaBarre, retreat co-facilitator, life coach, NY State Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, supports creative women who are seeking to reach increasingly higher levels of inspiration, fulfillment, and joy. She knows that when we love and honor ourselves at the deepest level, we easily express our authentic nature, resulting in better relationships and health. Cate is certified as a Master Integrative Coach by The Ford Institute at JFK University. She is currently studying and scheduled in July 2015 to train as a Daring Way™ Facilitator, work based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. She is co-author of The Energy of Healing, edited by Erica Glessing, release date May 2015. She enjoys dancing, yoga, Pilates, painting, photography, reading and writing, as well as snowshoeing, paddling and hiking with her husband. She offers private coaching, workshops and tele-classes by phone worldwide, as well as in-person events and retreats. http://CateLaBarre.com http://TheFordInstitute.com/CateLaBarre Office/Fax 518-882-9880 Cell 607-287-0658 catelabarre@gmail.com

Janet Dunn-Davenport, retreat co-facilitator, is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, as well as a life coach [certified by Martha Beck.] Janet studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2008-09, and had the opportunity toJanet Dunn-Davenport IMG_4686 study with international chefs, including Thai, Spanish, Mexican, South American, Indian and North American food and cooking.  Janet has been teaching  the hows and whys of healthy cooking for over 10 years. Her education through the Institute inspired her to take what she has learned from these cuisines and make them healthier, more nutritious, and delicious. She is a professional story teller and has been a student of yoga for over 40 years. She has found that yoga has helped guide her through her life journey. Her unique style of teaching yoga comes through the weaving of story, affirmations, meditation, asanas, and the importance of self-acceptance. In addition, Janet is an ordained Minister of Universal Brotherhood and certified by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute as a Wedding and Other Ceremonies Officiant.  She is co-author of The Energy of Healing, edited by Erica Glessing, release date May 2015. Tao of Delicious Health http://www.taoofdelicioushealth.com/ Email: TaoofHealthJLD@hotmail.com Phone: 570-242-7232.

 Katrina and TomKatrina Clay will offer: Reclaim Your Ancient Soul
Before there was language, humans interacted with the world quite differently. In this workshop we will open up to our wild self through the rhythm of the drum and modern shamanic journeys to facilitate a new and ancient way of being. We will discuss the importance of partnering with the earth—who, as our elder, has much wisdom and healing to share. Katrina is founder and publisher of Healing Springs Journal, a regional wellness publication. She is also a public speaker, writer and workshop facilitator. She deeply believes that humans will thrive when they reclaim their ancient nature, particularly through coneecting with animals, music and the earth. Mostt days Katrina can be found in the woods walking with her dog Z, hanging out with her horse Tom, writing as reflection, photographing the beauty of the world or dancing wildly. http://www.healingspringsjournal.com/

Linda L. Thompson will offer a Tai Chi class for all and private Reiki treatments by appointment. Tai Chi is an ancient and gentle means of circulating your Chi, or vital life force. This one hour class will focus on simple repetitive movements that are easy to learn and suitable for women of all ages. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. She received her Reiki Level I training in 1993 and Master/Practitioner/Teacher training in 1997. She has a BS in Medical Technology from Union University, is a graduate of the CNW School of Massage Therapy, is a New York State licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. As a Wakonda LodgeTai Chi instructor since 1990, she has enjoyed sharing this ancient and gentle means of balancing body/mind/spirit with groups and private classes. She is a non-denominational minister and spiritual counselor who is dedicated to assisting others in obtaining optimal health and inner peace.


Wendy WoWendy portrait photood Ordway will offer Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy private sessions. BCST is bodywork that connects us to our fluidity, our biology and the health that is present within us. Sessions can help you develop more body awareness through this very gentle approach to health and healing. BCST can provide deep relaxation to both the body and the mind. Wendy started her healing career as an OT in 1977 and worked primarily in Pediatrics for 32 yrs. In 2008 she completed her certification in Craniosacral Therapy and in 2012 she became a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She started her own business, The Body’s Rhythm, Craniosacral Therapy in 2009 in Saratoga Springs.


Eileen Egan Mack will offer a gentle yoga class, suitable for all weekend participants, as well as storytelling and sing along! She is a certified yoga instructor with a background is in education, having been a speech/language therapist for most of her career. She has also spent several years as a nursery school teacher, museum educator, classroomEileen photo teacher, adjunct professor, and shared professional development courses for teachers. Music has been her lifelong companion. She has enjoyed singing in choirs, choruses, rock bands, folk/rock/pop bands, and at present is focusing on jazz standards and new standards — music from the 60’s and 70’s. Eileen says, “Stories are everywhere. They recall the past or dream what could have been. Stories lift us, move us, remind us. They draw us in, and when we tell our own stories or stories we have learned, they draw us out…out of ourselves, our limits.” Eileen is a singer/storyteller with an appreciation for telling and for the power of the story. As a yoga teacher, she nurtures her students with story and asana, finding the prana — the breath and life force — in a nurturing, healing yoga practice. “You are worth every breath you draw. Let’s breathe, move and story tell our way into the exploration of our body/mind/spirit”, says Eileen, who is happy to be a part of our retreat.

Nini Gridley photoNini Gridley, MS Ed, BFRP, will offer a workshop as well as private consultations. In her two hour workshop “ What About Me?” we will explore the development of the 3rd chakra, Manipura, Lustrous Gem the seat of our willpower, vitality, ego strength and confidence. In the soft belly of the solar plexus our tender toddler-self is storing energetic material related to our earliest experiences of self-esteem, empowerment, vulnerability and shame. Through guided meditation we will source the child within to discover the excess or deficiency rooted there finding new balance and integrity by surrounding her with permission for authentic feelings, the strength to say “no” and give her the love and support she may not have received. Additional support with Bach Flower remedies will be discussed and private consultation will be available throughout the afternoon by appointment.
Nini is a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher (500+), Holistic Healer and dynamic workshop leader who has been teaching workshops on the chakras through her private practice, Full Spectrum Healing™, since 1995. She is founding faculty and Certification Coordinator for Sacred Centers, the premier training program on the chakras. Internationally registered by the Bach Foundation since 2002, Nini is dedicated to offering Dr. Edward Bach’s 38 original flower remedies in her healing practice to transform negative emotional states easily and effectively in children and adults. For private consultations, or a current teaching schedule, go to http://www.NiniGridley.com or email: fullspectrumhealing@gmail.com.

massage_home_staffChair Massage, massage and Reflexology will be offered by Massage Delivered, founded by Lindsay Harvey, will offer chair massage, massage and Reflexology. Chair massage will call on her team of professional therapists so that everyone attending can book a short massage if desired. Chair massage is a clothes-on “short and sweet” session, usually 10-20 minutes per person. The main focus is the back and can include neck, scalp, arms, hands and legs. Lindsay will offer Reflexology and massage as requested. Reflexology begins with massaging the feet, calves and lower legs. Attention is given to pressure points on the soles of the feet. Reflexology pressure points are associated with internal organs and the entire body and treatments are revitalizing and nourishing. Sessions can be feet only or include hands and scalp by request.  A background in athletics and per-med studies has influenced Lindsay’s approach to massage and bodywork, as she is drawn to deep tissue, medical and trigger point therapy. She believes that massage is a partnership, with the client taking responsibility for their results, saying “I can do the work to a certain point, but the client has to allow the work and meet me halfway”. Be assured that your session will be customized to your exact preferences. When Lindsay is not working with clients you can find her running, cross-training, taking a spin class, yoga, or growing her own organic vegetables. You can read more about Lindsay and her team at http://massagedelivered.com/

birch woman 

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